Top10 reasons to join IN3

We believe in the power of individuals when they come to work together as a team. Global movements progress when a group of individuals unite together to reach the same vision that they all believe in.

Innovation is our key driver, and to innovate, we build on the current up-to-date technologies. We capitalize on cutting-edge technologies to achieve the success and competitiveness we aspire.

We believe the learning journey never ends. We rely upon continuous researching to keep up with the pace of technological evolution. We invest in R&D activities, and we never stop growing.

Deriving from our startup culture, we promote for an entrepreneurial mindset.
With IN3 team, you will learn how to spot challenges, turn them into opportunities, and take actions.

We strive to become innovators in every aspect of our lives; that is what makes us unique. We come up with innovate solutions starting from analysis, to engineering and process making, until branding our products and philosophy.

Our limits are beyond the sky; we aim at creating a global impact that lasts for long. We build, sell, and deploy products that will alleviate business challenges around the world. As a team, this is the legacy we work for.

We invest time, money, and effort in researching great concepts and turning them into real applications. We do not just execute tasks, we seek how we can reach excellence in every step of the way.

We understand the effects of a balanced life on every aspect, including our work productivity. We work hard, and take extra miles, yet we respect our personal lives and commitments. We maintain a motivating and healthy work environment by giving out the appropriate benefits and flexibility that our teams deserve.

We do not just target businesses, we also aim at giving back to our communities. We work on key programs to support young ideas, through mentorship and sponsorship. We appreciate talents, and we aspire to spread innovation.

We believe that work is done when you love what you do. We respect our interests, and we seek homogeneity within our teams. Adding to motivation and clear vision, passion is an important ingredient to productivity.

We override the rules, as long as it serves our innovative minds. We put our own definitions for our jobs, and we draw our own career paths. We are free to grow as far as we can run, and as strong as our capabilities can carry.

We recruit passionate people who are willing to embrace innovation in their lives and inspire the world around them. We look for dynamic, ambitious, and collaborative minds who drive for excellence, and appreciate challenges and opportunities.
If that suits you, then join us. We promise you a vibrant environment where your curiosity, continuous learning, and improvements are rewarded. At IN3, we help you realize your vision as part of our future.